CASA DE PERAINDA | Art & Retreat

CASA DE PERAINDA | Art & Retreat

Casa de Perainda is quite exclusive. A place where few people meet, small, cozy, quiet and considered one of the most charming in Trancoso.

As a small village, it has a pousada with five very comfortable suites, a cozy house with three more suites, and an instigating cultural space, “Galpão 103”. All surrounded by beautiful gardens and a native forest, which gives you a feeling of being in the middle of a tropical forest.

450 meters from the charms of "Quadrado", the center of the village, which is as or more famous than the beaches of the region! A square, which houses the little church of São João erected in 1656 and a soccer field, is framed by almond trees and colorful houses that function as bars, restaurants and shops. During the day, the Quadrado is a peaceful place. At night, however, it comes alive with the movement in commerce, the back-and-forth of natives and tourists and the racket of kids' football.

 "Perainda" is a typical expression of northeastern Brazil!

A request to wait, to stay calm! Something we all know and want, but when we are in Trancoso, we can really appreciate its real meaning.

And then we can only smile when we discover the calm of this small village.


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