The Trancoso Carnival unites the charm and tranquility of this village, beautiful beaches and beautiful people.

Trancoso is a village known worldwide for its natural beauties, as well as having a nice Carnival program! At the Carnival, Trancoso receives a large audience every year and promises to shake in a mixture of joy and exclusivity.

Carnival Package:

  • Value per suite for 2 people.
  • Minimum stay of 4 nights.

Included in package:

  • Welcome lunch;
  • Delicious tasting style breakfast;
  • Tea with pickets at dusk;
  • Vodka Danzka and Energetic to start the party (premium Danish Vodka, limited edition in exclusive black aluminum bottle especially for those who like icy vodka);
  • Bed linen, bath by Troussardi / Trosseau;
  • Amenities by Trosseau;
  • Beach bag and towels.

Form of payment:

  • 50% on booking
  • 50% at check-out

It is important to inform that our lodging proposal does not serve children and / or pets.