Casa de Perainda is located in Trancoso, in the south of Bahia. A region of warm and crystalline waters.

Located in one of the most pleasant residential districts of this village, it gives you tranquility, comfort and a feeling of being in the middle of a tropical forest.

At 450 meters from the emblematic "Square", the center of the village, which is as or more famous than the beaches of the region! A square, home to the church of St. John erected in 1656 and a soccer field, is framed by almond trees and colorful houses that function as bars, restaurants and shops. By day, the Square is a tranquility only. At dusk, however, comes alive with the movement in commerce, the back-and-forth of natives and tourists and the hubbub of football of the kids.



  • Porto Seguro International Airport: receives flights from Gol, TAM, Azul and Trip, and is 50 minutes from Trancoso.
  • Terravista Trancoso Airport: receives private jets, and is only 5 minutes from Trancoso. 1,500 meter track, with structure (night lighting, hangar, gas station and passenger room).
  • Coordinates: S 16º 34 '842 "W 039º 05' 369"


  • Take the ferry to Arraial d'Ajuda in Porto Seguro and follow 40 km along the asphalt or 20 km (with 12 km by dirt road).
  • Or by the BR101 towards Eunápolis, after 30 km there is a sign for Trancoso on the left - a 50-minute walk along the asphalt.


  •     Trancoso has a helipad (Airport Terravista Trancoso)