Perainda's house, in fact, is like a small village. We have the Pousada, a rental house for longer seasons, "Casa Azul", and an event space, "Galpão 103" - this name, because it is our street number!

Everything here was built with great care and respect for nature, architecture and regional customs.

When building the structure of this village we tried to preserve the native trees as much as possible and where the terrain allowed, we replanted typical species of the Atlantic forest, such as Pau Brasil.

We try to rescue and reuse the tiles of the old houses in the region, made by hand. These tiles were made by potters in the region who used, in the past, the old colonial practice of making tiles by molding them on the thighs. As each worker had a thigh of different size and shape, which is why the tiles, once ready, were uneven. They are irregular, each one of a size, but give a beautiful effect to the construction.

Likewise, the doors and windows of old farms and buildings in Bahia, from the golden age of cocoa, at the beginning of the 20th century. On the floors the beauty of burnt cement, a tradition of the region.

On the walls, tiles and hydraulic ceramics from old houses and mansions, coming from Portugal and mainly from England and contemporary art objects from nationally renowned artists.

And in the gardens the brightness and energy of tropical plants and flowers !!! All in search of an environment that leads to peace, tranquility, relaxation, reading and rest.